Rubbs new ride,better pics....


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My new Electra Glide. Thats a neat name. Everybody say it...


Couple new pics,shrinked to upload faster.

Course if i really wanted them shrinked...I would have just put them in cold water. :laugh:

For da camera geeks...I'm tryin to learn. Just a full shot no magic.

Rubber Tied Down.

bag 1.jpg
sharpened the bike...blurred the backgound.

Any time you can blur the background in life.....I thinks it a good thing.:laugh:


bag 2.jpg
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Old castles in the background, not like they have in Europe...but not too bad eh? ???


bag 3.jpg
Cool road. Pacific ocean on right. Bird santcuary on left. 600 acers old growth forrest just beyound that....Rubbb's house...block away.Who has got a great view. Lets see it.


bag 4.jpg
Last one. Thats you guys....The pacific/north west group...just on the other side of them mountains.

bag 5.jpg
Sweet ride bro. But someone stole your heel shifter:whistle:
What happened to the Big Dog?
starring Charles Bronson right?

No, woofy gonna get put on a dyno run and tuned up.:thumbsup:

Yessir... I will find you a copy of the movie :) Would like to hear the results on Fido when you get off the dyno.. that S&S is supposed to make great torque..

Congrats on the other new scoot :)
Sweet ride bro. But someone stole your heel shifter:whistle:
What happened to the Big Dog?

Funny you mention that.I'm not sure I would ever use it,I'm still new at this.:laugh:

Big Dog can run faster and better. Gonna get The Husky dyno tuned.Post pics of that and dyno sheet for those interested when it happens.

Not bad for a couch.

I like how the helmet clashes.

Don't paint it. Screw the matching accessories, color coordinated, leather bandanna, $75 t-shirt HD crowd. STAND OUT!