Rubbersidedown is da man!


Earlier in the week, I took a little jaunt to go see Rubb and deliver a part to him. He was a great host, we chatted, took a ride on some pretty fun roads around his place (he let me ride the Gen2 he just sold) and he bought me lunch. Somewhere along the way, I mentioned that I needed to lower my pegs and was trying to decide between the Buell peg mod and some other options that I had seen on the board. He wandered into his shop, rummaged around for a minute and came out with a pair of gently used Buell pegs, handed them to me and told me to take 'em home & try 'em. If I didn't like them I could just send 'em back. I put them in my backpack and headed home.

In all honesty, I have to admit that I forgot they were there. Today I came across them and put 'em on the bike -- What a difference!

I had originally planned to try them out for a few hours of saddle time and then send 'em back with thanks, but after riding with them for a day or so, Rubb if you want 'em back, you're gonna hafta come down here and fight me for 'em.

Ok, really since I'm pretty sure that you could kick my butt, let me know what you want for them. Now that you're looking to add a second Gen1 to the stable, are you gonna need them back for it?

LMK what you want, I can always get another pair if need be.

BTW, if it wasn't clear from this post rubbersidedown ROCKS!

Awwwwwww, yet another bromance has blossomed...:laugh:

Rubb, you're such a player.....:kiss:

Jealosy will NOT get you the date you keep PM'ing and emailing for. :nono:

I'm gonna keep on "playing hard to get."

I dont care if you make me dinner. MMMMMM Cheferman made dinner. ???

OK....ONE date.

Awwwwwww, yet another bromance has blossomed...:laugh:

Rubb, you're such a player.....:kiss:

....and you gotta stop with the nekkid pics of yerself,althou the wife is enjoying them.

OK....nevermind...she has asked that they continue.:smileyexhibit: ::11
That was a fun day man.You just got the 20 minute tour.We will ride the twisties hard next time.(bring your leathers) I bought those pegs from a cool fellow Org member. Fiend. He sold them to me for 80 bucks.

I bought them for long distance rides which for me,are out of the question at this point. Need to get a couple surgeries outa the way before doing any long distance.

So if you love them I would say you should just continue to borrow them. In the mean time we can both be on the lookout for another set,which one day I will hopefully be in need of.

NO RUSH finding another set. Sound good?