Rothwell does Stoppies

i don't do NO stinken stoppies

No thank you. I like having both wheels on the ground. I guess it has something to do with the fact that growing up on two wheels I spent a lot of time running after my bikes to keep them from flipping over.
OK, OK, no stoppies. I don't do them either. Didn't know if people on this board where into stuff like that or not. The Busa probably isn't the bike to do these on any who.
OK how did Kerbie get ahead of me on posts so quick . HHEHEHE. man you have been busy. I used to do stoppies on my 1100 it was alittle to heavy my 750 was better but the Busa just doesnt feel right doing a stoppie I have done 1 or 2 but it feels bigger harder to balance upright . Wheelies on the other hand are awesome got to love fuel injection smooth powerband no jerkyness like the carbed models wicked easy wheelies . I still havent tried a GSXR1000 but I did try my friends R1 champions edition that thing would power the front wheel up with a small tug in 3rd gear woohooo
My buddy did a 12:00 ctoppie on his brothers Busa....looked pretty painful....very heavy bike to do a stoppie on........I prefer wheelies anyhow.
The Busa is a great bike for stoppies. Just take off that hard stock front tire. It slides way to easy
Rothwell is good ,he does tricks on his bike with his wife and she likes it! As for stoppies they're fun to watch.Now twisties thats for me.