Rossi to Honda in 2011!

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Rumor has it that Valentino Rossi will move to Honda in 2011!

This move, if it is true, will open the door for Ben Spies to get the factory ride at Yamaha. It will also pratically guarantee that Lorenzo will win the champiuonship again next year. Do you like how Lamb not only handed the championship to Alonzo this year but assumed the same for the following. Moto GP=not that competitive! Doesn't mean Lamb isn't watching. Just not that compelling.
Where is Ben Spies? Haven't seen him this season at all. I watch World Superbike, but don't really keep up with it.
yeah dunno where you got the Honda rumor from cos its been ducati rumor for ages, al lthe commentators have been saying thats the goss for the last 3 GP's also cant imagine Rossi wanting to team with whinging crybaby Stoner lol specially now Stoner has gone to Honda (yes he can ride but wat a wet fish of a personality!) my $$ is on doc going to Ducati - be great way for him to finish his career. I wait for the official motogp announcement and not rely on rumors heh

PS Still wouldnt buy a Ducati :)

(altohugh can you imagine what sales will be like eeek ..oh well cheaper and better bikes for the everyday folks yay
Rossi is reaching the end of his career. Hope he has a few more years left in him. :thumbsup:
It's Rossi to Ducati, Hayden stays at Duc as of now. Stoner to Honda, Spies maybe up to #2 position on Yamaha. It's getting interesting :beerchug:
Im suprised how well Hayden has gotten aquainted with Duc this year, definately interesting for next, since Stoner wont be lead man in Duc, going to Honda under and Hayden under Rossi now:whistle:...Spies in Moto GP opened up for Rea and, Biaggi which is killing it so far.....:thumbsup:
Goddamnit! Rossi to Ducati, what the heck did Lamb print?

Holy cow, Did Lamb butter that post badly.

Anyway, next year, next year! Half the season is left this year still and the racing is not close or competitive. In 2010, MOTOGP goes to 1000 cc engines, so what does next season matter, cause all the bikes get all new configurations in '12 anyway.

Thankis all for setting Lamb straight on this. BIG WOOPS!
I think Rossi wants another personal challenge before he finally retires from motorcycle racing.
Duc's are known to be a difficult ride, along with a difficult company to deal with as a rider (they tend to look at racing: engineering 1st, rider 2nd)...and for someone as special and true champion as Rossi, a new challenge is something he constantly seeks.

I foresee him bringing his current mech's and trusted crew chief/managers with him to Duc, and giving a solid go.
If he can produce like he has with Honda and Yamaha....he will solidify his stature as the best there ever was in MotoGP.

But I really think he wants to spank little Lorenzo one more time before handing over the reigns to him.

Yeah, Lorenzo is completely dominate this year, but it will always be remembered as....well, it was without Rossi in the picture for most of it.

FYI....Rossi is currently working out on a WSBK R1, putting down faster lap times then the current top WSBK riders at the respective track. Oh yeah, he still has that broken leg and he has to use a crutches to get to the bike, and help on and off of it.

If that is not a true champion determination, I don't know what is.
How poetic can you get. An Italian superstar riding and Italian bike in Moto GP for next season. It would be great if the small Italian company can take on the big Japanese bike makers and win Moto GP next season. With Rossi in the saddle. It doesn't get any better than that.:beerchug: