Roll Racing ABS delete info :)


AS requested information . All thought it was not requested as a video I know some of you like a c10 garage episode . Here at the end I had to clear up a little miss information unrelated to motorcycles . Keep in mind deleting brake rotors / calipers while on the street should not be considered ever . The risks are great in things like this , and stopping is important ;) On the track with two bikes / walls protecting you from everything else is a different story than street .
After thinking about the rear you could simply plug the rear master if you must delete the caliper / rotor . A steel line to cut off the fitting then weld it shut or metal putty out of a tube .



Studio ? you mean GARAGE ;) oil stains on the floor , and old posters of bikes with good looking women !
But it would be set up in a sound stage (studio) somewhere, decorated by you to be a garage. Remember the Power Nation and PowerBlock TV car shows on Sunday mornings?

I say we start looking for sponsors..this could be your new thing when you get to Arizona.


No ;) I say um to many times . I try so hard to not say it too ! My cat always interrupts taping to ;)
I’ll start off with this, you may not be a marine but with 2 sons and a wife in the service? Think I recalled that right. You have done just as much for our country as they have. People often severely underestimate the value and importance of a solid support and guidance figure at home. Without you those boys may not have become marines and our country would be twice as worse off for it.
You’ve been there and supported you wife helping her to maintain and excel in her career in the army.
Then you come here and provide guidance and support to us. A number of whom I would assume are active or prior service as well as us civi’s.
I seems to me that you do indeed serve your country. You just don’t have a uniform.

Secondly, if your videos don’t have a cat/dog bombing the scene... I don’t trust you :banana:

Lastly, thank you

Mr Brown

Since this is becoming a c10 love fest, I will join in. Bryan has been instrumental in helping me get healthy. Thanks to his encouragement and support I've dropped almost 20 lbs and I feel much better.
So it's not just bike stuff that he's helpful with.
You truly are a great benefit to all who know you Bryan. Thank you.

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