Rode today


There were about 400 bikes by the time we got to the bay. It was awesome. I had to show a couple of people on the way home just how slow I was. I saw alot of awesome bikes. Unfortinately I did not have my camera. Anyone else go?
no camera...

I want to see photos!!!

we had a "HUGE" bike rally close to me this weekend...
to bad it was all cruisers
Rich are ya? and whats SBF? I rode in the sierra's today from Chico to Collins lake & back, amazing roads... not too fast in unfamiliar terr. - Kent
SBF is "Superbikefreaks" it is a bike club that is pretty big around here. They pretty much all do tricks and stuff like that. My friend took some pics, and is supposed to e-mail them to me. I will post them as soon as he sends them.
Would also like to see some pic's...................

Large gatherings are always cool.
I'm jealous! Sac to SF would be a great ride. I'm assuming you took 80. Taking 5 would be would be a blast, and while it would take longer, it would be faster.
I'm missing the nice BA weather and roads.

Glad to hear you had a good time.

Ya it was awesome to see that many bikes riding together. Ya we took 80. Drew was also there, he is a member on the site.