rode my first turbo busa

when finally got the bike finished checked and rechecked everything.rode her around abit to get the lower rpms mapped some.then played abit god god the power is really quite unnerving.i was not prepared for the difference in power this thing has .this has got to be the most fun i have ever had on a to say thanks to bert for all the customer surport and help he gave me through the build up
thanks man will post a coulpe of pics when i get the chance.



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Welcome to the sickness, a month from now whatever boost level you are running won't be quite enough, then 6 months from now the turbo will be too small, then, then then, well you know

How much boost are you running? Wheelbase? Glad to hear you are having fun!
Glad to hear you got it up and running. Try really hard not to ring it out until you're totally sure you're getting good a/f on top. It's like a carnival ride isn't it. The throttle just taunts you to crack it open.
That is one bad ass turbo by the way. What are you currently using for injectors right now?
i went with s2000s she is idleing amazing fine the head is ported polished springs and yosh cams thought that might have caused a problem but it hasn't yet
sweet ride. hows the bike run cruising at low rpm's? mine seems to sputter a little bit between idle and 3500rpm when im between idle and 10% throttle. just trying to figure out if thats just how turbo bikes run. any info you could give me about yours would be great. i had mine mapped and the air fuel set by a guy in long island ny thats a turbo bike guru. but still the low rpm cruising isnt the best.
hey anything i did not make myself i got from bert hooked me up
.as for low rpm cruising yes i ran into that.played with it seems just cruising low rpm with the throttle barely cracked cause's it.changed my low rpm driving habits abit and took care of it.


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