Johnnie Phatt

This where modern bikes with electronics confuse me. HP is a function of engine design and math. I can never understand how gear selection would matter. Other than effecting electronics which effect engine settings. Yes? No?


Of course..I need some time to master the bike. I have a feeling that I'm going to have to get a longer swing arm for that. I dont think the 4 over will be stable enough. I could be wrong. Going to be fun learning. I think this season, I'll be happy if I can run the 600 Hp. On the street and feel confident jammin' on it. Sounds easy but, we have a short riding season here and I have an 88 year old Mom that I've been taking care of for 13+ years now. Something happens to me, She Has No One. They'll put her in a home and that's not acceptable. While my Mom is still on this earth, there are some things that I wont be able to do like going to Maine. Believe Me, I'm gonna have fun this season just learning and being a Big Pain In The Ass! They couldn't touch the 330 Gen 1 but, it's a new season and I hear there's a couple Turbos out there now. If I can hook it up and keep that front tire down, I'll be fine.


I'm in the same boat when it comes to me Mother bro , I am only around to look after her , the rest of the family is 1800 miles away and no help . If I like you get wasted ... well her and the dog are in a real bad spot . We are just having a royal commission into old age care here in Australia , and it is now all coming out how horrific and corrupt it all is .
Anyway , you take care learning your wild ride bro , we want you around for the long haul bro !!

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