Roaring Toyz 240mm +6 Extended Swing Arm

Purchased a great condition Roaring Toyz 240mm +6 Extended Swing Arm a couple months back with the intention of using it, but other things have taken priority over getting this on the bike. Just had a fresh powder coat job done 3 weeks ago, everything is in perfect condition.

Included: Swing Arm, Axle, Bearing and Spacer, Undermount Dual Piston Caliper, Extended Brake Line (Just under $1700 if purchased new from Roaring Toyz)

Included dual piston caliper is made to be used with a 220mm rear rotor (05-08 GSXR1000 Rotor, I was going to use a 8.5" 1000 replica)
Gen1/Gen2 stock single piston caliper can be used with caliper triangle adapter.

Asking $1000 Shipped (Might be a little high but open to offers, would rather somebody get this installed and enjoy it instead of it sitting until Fall when I can get to it)

Also have a perfectly straight 06 1000 Wheel/Rotor available if you're interested in having it widened to 8.5" ($125)




Lol definitely not bent. Perhaps the angle of the picture or the fact that it's sitting on a non flat cardboard box is throwing off how you view it. If you're interested and concerned, I'm sure I could take some time and snap some high quality, flat pictures for you.
Got an issue with the trans in the bike unfortunately. Dropping price on this so I can hopefully have the funds to get the bike back on the road sooner rather than later. $700 OBO!

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