Road rage


On my bike yesterday - Pedal bike - and had someone try run me off the road. Had to kick the poop out of the car and was ready to use the bike as a weapon as the driver stopped in the middle of the road and started getting out the drivers door to ? Anybody have an experience like this with the busa?
Wish I had taken his key's and left! Figured the Police would be on my tail, but nothing happened. Bad ride. Guess in LA I could have been shot! Must be a little big man complex.
Just be careful!  Ya never know what the guy's packin'.

I know a few folks on another board that have had many similar run-ins on their bikes (motor).  They are fond of taking off a side view mirror, or carrying marbles to be released into the air on a windshield.

Behaviour I do not condone or exhibit, but there are many who know how you feel.
Yes, please be careful!! I have been shot at once, fortunately for me he was a bad shot, and that was because I legally passed the guy on an open road (no other cars, I guess that is obvious if he shot at me, no witnesses) with nobody else around.
If you have a problem with a car cutting you up or closing up when you're late splitting, just kick his mirror off,If he dosn't use it he dosn't need it.

Around here the best thing to do is leave. Pull a mirror off and a shoot gun can come out the window. :whip:
:hammerhead: Reminds me of the guy that fliped his cigaret out the window, I was right behind him and the dam thing hit me right in the throat just above my jacket collar that was open! talk about wanting to strangle somebody, but what do you do? if the guy don't pull over to let you cuss him out.. you'd be a fool to try and stop him. funny thing is thats not the only time thats happened, its just the only time I actually got hit with one. Im sure some of you guys with some time on bikes must have experiencied this at some time in your adventures?