Rip Bill Warner


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Got the call a few hours is hard to comprehend Wild Bill being gone.

Rest in peace Bill!


RIP brother. My prayers go out to his family, friends and crew. Bill Warner was a class act and a true gentleman. He will be missed.
Pretty sad. Not sure that fascination with numbers is worth dying for.
As opposed to dying for something that didn't separate you from everyone else. (Insert your choice of fascination here: Job, wife, children, earthly possessions, etc.)

RIP fellow rider.
Not sure that fascination with numbers is worth dying for.
i think it is. and not in a Ugg Man Gearhead way. he died in an accident, doing something he knew was dangerous, and he did it anyway. for the thrill, the fame, or just because he wanted to. and that's ok. it is ok to die. people do it every day. what better way to go than a big "Uh Oh, Yeee Haww!"?? it is sad that he passed away, but what a way to go.

better to live life and come sliding into the end sideways smokin tires saying "what a ride", than never live at all. :bowdown: the man died a legend!


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In my mind and obviously I wasn't close, never met the man face to face, but Bill seemed to be about one thing. Getting all he could out of the machine and himself. He did not ever to my knowledge seek fame, praise from strangers or any of that.

He absolutely set the bar high.

From what I've witnessed he's really no different from the rest of us. He absolutely did the engineering and testing and top notch job in assembly.

He had a terrible accident and I didn't think he would ever be the guy he was prior to that. He fooled me. It had to take a lot to go back out there and flirt with 300+ again.

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