Riding Season Off To A Difficult Start..


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Got off work early to get the bike inspected and re-licensed. Wash it, everything in proper order, go get my inspection, come home, and as i'm walking away I see a small torx head screw in the back tire.:banghead:
Now I have to take the wheel off, go have the tire taken off, go to a car tire store (I hate dealing with any kind of car anything place), and have the tire patched. Then it will be back to the bike shop to have the tire put back on the wheel, and back home to put it back on the bike.
Maybe with any luck and cooperation from the car tire shop, I'll still get to ride tomorrow. It seems like in the last year, it's getting to be more and more of a hassle to get less and less enjoyment from street riding.


Sorry Tom, murphy picks on all of us at one time or another.
+100.. Sorry to hear about your troubles

Murphy is picking on me right now also. This weekend is going to be sunny and 70 both days and my Two Brothers mid-pipe is on it's way to California to get repaired and wont be back for probably 2 weeks :banghead:


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sorry to hear this! i would like to punch ol' Murphy in the nose every once in a while :laugh: hope you get her fixed and back on the road pronto :beerchug:

Tiller, just stick chrome tips on the end of the headers and roll :lol:


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I'm always leary when I replace the rear tire. I've had two punctured within 300 miles. Been lucky with the Gen II. I was told by a fella that the front tire picks stuff up for the rear to collect.
That sucks man. When in1st got the BUSA I got a nail.. Replaced the tire only to get another mail 900 miles later. I had 2000 miles on the bike and was one my 3rd rear tire.

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Why not just plug it? I've had one of those mushroom style plugs in mine for more than a yr. it's been speed tested and holds air fine.


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Blew off the car tire repair shop and stopped by the O'Reilly for a good scraper/roller and some radial patches, fixed it myself. Got my license plate renewed, and am off to the bike shop to pick up my re-mounted, patched tire. Bring it back to the house and put it back on. Barring any more fubars, I'll still ride tomorrow.
Anger fuels determination, which promotes success, which de-fuses anger. It'll be fixed here in a bit..


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Yeah, could have plugged it, and wouldn't hesitate to out on the road. But since it was here at the house, patch it and forget about it. It's done and ready to go now. Just seems like ever since the off at Hallett I've been dealing with a steady flow of small annoying problems of varying types and kinds. Enough that I'm in low level "what next" mode. Got other stuff on my mind too, so stress is high, and anything adding to it can sometimes trip an overload switch for a while. I deal with it, and in the end, just like with this incident, it's all good.:thumbsup:

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