Riding a Motorcycle 150mph with no helmet


Riding a Motorcycle 150mph with no helmet

Crazy Motorcycle Stunts
Nice to see Darwinism still exists. He will get what's coming to him one day.
You see when he opened his mouth it almost swept him off.
I saw the thumbnail and thought "My GOD look at what that did to his face" then watched the vid, and that's what he looks like normally.
I have been guilty of going nearly that fast without a helmet way back when. In 1989 I was on a new 1989 750 Ninja going WOT hitting about 140mph. My sunglasses were pinned to my eyes and eyes watered so bad my vision was off. Stupid and scary once I couldn't see with all the tears in my eyes.

I was young and stupid but I am here.
Just one bee, june bug, humming bird, bird, etc and it might not end like it did. A total disregard for his own safety. What was the upside of that act ?