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Well cant believe it but NO ONE is comin with me this sat. :sad:
However I found a local yahoo group and may have a couple of guyz from there. We are headin out hwy 36 east toward the coast. Some of the Northwest group got some of that action on the way to Laguna. I'll be taken lots o pics for ya.

Here's a sign where we start :

and heres a link if ya wanna read about it : :bounce: WOOOHOOO!

Go Tazman Go! I'm leavin in 30 minutes. Just havin my cup o Jo. I'll meet ya back here. let me know how many miles ? zoom zoom.
Kent - out
Had a great time !!! woooohoooo! Not too fast & furious...

Hooked up with 2 local riders zrx12 rider 65 yrs old and camera man & a 55 yr old on a Suk 1 K.

Lots of twisties and saw about 3 sherrifs and 1 CHP in 450 miles. Forunately either we wernt nailing it or like with the CHP he was busy allready writing a tickey. :D
Not very much time for pics as we went all the way to the coast and back. Got home a little after dark and couldnt see again with my dark shield... its get dark early now.

Hey Northwest people, we rode some of the same paths we took when u were down here... temp and color has changed a little.

hawaii, nice! glad your keeping those roads tip top for seca4, I have opted for the clear lense since early september, I wear shades if the sun gets in my eyes. dark today at 5:30 :-(