Ride pics thread.........


My wife , and I are really made for each other . We talk mostly about Dogs , Motorcycles , work , and out Son's . Just got home a little bit ago . Only 125 miles , but I know many of you would love a 125 mile sunny day ride. In 2 months it will start to be uncomfortable to ride here due to humidity , and temps .
Fantastic pics Nath !!!
Last time I was at the Vincent County rally was about 10 years ago, looks just the same, great location, great people, awesome pubs to visit on the ride there and back too!
Thanks for sharing that, brought back a lot of good memories . . must go to the next one lol.
Yesterday was hot, 30degC, and a bit windy with a nor-west blowin', but what a great day!
Went out with Mark again and he kindly let me ride his beautiful 1989 GSXR1100K, we fitted new Bridgestone BT023's front and rear in the morning and on the road at midday.
We headed North for a change, and the traffic was light to medium as we headed toward Waikari for a refreshment stop at the pub there.
Then took the road through to Scargill and on to the Greta Valley pub (closed when we got there )
Then headed South back home but stopped in at the Leithfield pub which was very busy with a bus full of punters and it was HOT!! (and so were the ladies there!)
From there we headed home, had a nice pork roast feed and watched the goPro vids I had filmed on the ride and discussed particular moments of excitement and horror as we battled through traffic lol.
I will upload the vids (17 mins each x 3) soon and post a link.
Enjoy . . . .







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