rhapsody vs I-tunes


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I've been a rhapsody subscriber forever and am continually getting more
and more frustrated with it.

Rhapsody SUCKS...I got a sansa mp3 (rhapsody compatible) and the darn thing
just quits playing 50% of the songs on a playlist for no reason. I know you have
to reconnect to Rhapsody to sync your subsciption so the thing will keep playing
been there, done that and the still the problem persisted. I would up reformating
the device and loosing all my playlists on it (2nd time as a matter of fact, seems
like a yearly procedure, still a pain).

So now my online Rhapsody playlists is only playing half the songs, the other
half I get 30 sec clips. Subscription is current, songs are not "buy only" and
these are playlists I've had with no problem for a while.

Uninstalled/reinstalled no help.

Anyway, I'm tempted to chuck the whole thing and go with I-tunes and player.
Anybody have or had both and what is the experience with I-tunes, problem
free or a hastle?



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Itunes doesnt have a subcription service. Now what you could do is get napster...download all your music and then run the songs through tunebite and call it a day.


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Get an iPod and iTunes and you will be good...I've never had a problem with iTunes
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I have used both. With rhapsody you have the advantage of being able to fill your player with tons of music for your player.. like renting music. With I tunes you get what you pay for. I had the same problem that you are having with rhapsody so I dumped it an the subscription thing I didn't like. I have also used emusic which had some good things it's was a low monthly subscription but you get 50 DL a month an you can burn as many copies as you want to disc. downside of emusic is that a lot of the popular music is not available for DL through them, the more popular artist. Then if you are very skilled with the PC you can go to lime wire an get all your music for free but it's a high risk site for virus. goodluck:thumbsup:


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always look for the bitrate in the dl. 160 or higher never ever ever dl the 928k ones lol. and never never never stay connected and upload... grab..confirm plays ...disconnect
The only problem Ive had with Itunes is for some reason all my songs and album art got all messed up... it really sucked at the time but its never happened again


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i have tons of friends that work at real network and work on the rhapsody team..its a great product, i love it more than itunes (I HATE mac)

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