Replacing front rotor question

Hey guys,

i just started installing new rotors and pads for the front but i have a question. When i took the bolts off the rotor i had to put some REAL pressure to pull rotor off rim. Now i have the galfer rotor and it doesn't want to slide onto hub either. Ive watched some videos of non haybusa's disc removal and all of them the rotor just sits flat. When i put the rotor on the wheel it sits on the hub but does not slide down. Do you put the bolts on and actually pull it down with the bolts? is it supposed to slide right on?
The rims have been chromed. After doing some extra searching i found where some guys used dremel tool with stone and put a little work in and got them on. They are on now with new pads and platinum lines!!
#5 will either have to dremel the rotor or hub placement where the rotor set.
Skydivr had an issue with his chrome rims causing a warped rotor sensation.
My suggestion is
Measure your placement on the hub where the rotor set with some calipers micrometer and have the inner rotors cut by a machinist.


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James, take the bike out for a spin, bed in the pads, then put it back up on the stand and spin the wheel. It should spin freely.


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When bike is on the stand and you spin wheel, how many rotations should it make?
James, if you just put on the pads, and have not ridden it yet, none of that matters.

Go ride it 50-100 miles, bed the pads in. If both of those items are brand new, they need to get to know each other.

How to Install Brake Pads - YouTube[/url]

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