replacement engine won't run


Helping a Hayabusa friend with some troubleshooting;
The replacement engine is in the bike. No error codes. Engine cranks. About every 5 seconds there is a pop from the exhaust but it won't actually run.
Plugs are getting fouled with gas so it is getting fuel.
The throttle bodies are from the original bike as is everything else except the actual engine.
Anyone point us in the right direction to look for problems?

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Has the engine been torn down? If so did the cams get put in right. Make sure all electrical connections are tight/secure. Also if you have a power commander on it you may try by passing it and seeing if that will help.


I got there late in the game, so to speak. The engine was already in its new home for a day before I heard he was having difficulties.
The bike is a 2002. It threw a rod. ie. this wasn't a replacement because of a collision so I am staying focused on the immediate area of the engine.
He said there were only 4 main harnesses to connect from the engine to the bike. Does that sound correct?

I don't know the year of the engine but it was a spare from the buyer that has 30,000 km on it and has been sitting maybe a year. It's not a daisy fresh rebuild. PO wrenches bike and car race vehicles and assures us this one runs or bring it back.
What really stands out to me is the amount of crap on the spark plugs. The new owner has installed 2 new sets this weekend. The ones I see on the bench are jet black with soot. At least that tells me there is some combustion, i.e. fuel. I didn't see a Power Commander but I'll ask.


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How many notches are on the rotor in the bike?
Sounds like you have a 16 bit rotor with a 32 bit ECU

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