Removing the rev limiter and hesitation around 290


How can I remove the rev limiter?Can it be done?

And another issue :

I usualy go 325 on the speedo.Lately, it happened a few times that when I reach around 290, the engine will stop puling.
Doesn't cut off completly, it just won't go any faster.

I had the home made TRE on when it first happend, so I removed it and put it back stock.Immediatly everything was fine.
Last night though,when I did a roll-on,it happened again,only this time was just for a couple of seconds, then it went up to the max.

I would appreciate any input

SLEEPERBUSA, It's a 2000

Is there someone who installed on a Busa,or knows how well it works, the Techlusion box ?

Please post your opinion.
Based on pushing the bike it is not a very good idea to remove the limiter. Boom Boom baby Boom Boom.
It could be your TRE if its a 03 or 04 as I have had a few that play up sometimes, but then it could be a number of things like bad fuel, different air temp & the list goes on.
If bkes runs with out the TRE Take the TRE off and leave it off. YOU GOING OVER 186 mph alot??