Removing Spring Surrounding Ignition

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to get the upper triple off my 2005 Gen 1 in order to check out the bearings but I cannot seem to figure out how to remove the spring and bracket that surrounds the wires for the controls. From looking at it, it completely surrounds the 2 wires and the plugs look to big to fit through the hole. I have looked at the maintenence manual and it simply says to 'remove' this clamp/spring. Any advice??? I have attached a picture for reference...

2013-04-17 17.18.44.jpg

Pecan Pouch

P-squared, Poochie or US Marine
You don't take it off. If I remember correctly it wont come off unless you unbolt the key switch off the bottom of the triple tree. You take the wires out of the "spring". It looks confusing but they will basically unwrap out of the holder.

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