Remember the day you did it?


I was doing some cleaning up of the files on my machine when I found a photo that I thought went missing.
This is a photo of myself and my spanking brand new Hayabusa. This photo was taken about two minutes after I signed the papers. Poor quality for the photo. I did not tell the person taking the photo how to operate my digital camera. I was just to #### excited.
Anyone recall what how they felt when they bought their machine?
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I was pretty excited, yet a bit worried that day. I had deposited almost $10K a few days before and withdrew it that morning, went to U-haul and picked up a trailer. Before noon, I started the two hour drive from Dallas to Oklahoma City on a warm Halloween day, nearly one hundred 100 bills in my glove box.

When I got there, I was still unsure whether I would go through it all, saying to myself that I could still back out if I wanted. The bike looked nice, especially back then when Hayabusas were rare. I rode the bike around the parking lot, still very unfamiliar with the handling and afraid I'd drop it, but alas, having made the trip up, I bought it, went to the guy's bank to get the lien removed and transfer the title and I was soon on my way back that evening. Backing the bike from the trailer was a trip and I was grinning side to side the whole time. Here I am, a year and a quarter later, still glad I made that move.
I got mine used from a guy who runs a local bicycle shop (it was fun rolling this big bike out of the shop with kids waiting for quick bike repairs looking). I forget where the place was as far as street names, but if I drove up again, I'd find it.

Here is an early pic of my bike with the original stickers and paint. You might recognize it.
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You bought yours from a bicycle salesman ????????????

I figured you got yours from Dallas or Ft Worth

Well, I didn't want to wait to go to the guy's house to pick it up, so he brought it to his shop that morning and parked it in the back.
It was yesterday, brand spanking new '02 Silver/Grey.  Working on my breakin miles, should have 500 miles this week-end.  I just paid off my '99 R1 and went out and bought the Busa.

The Busa feels great, can't wait to roll the throttle all the way.
I remember when the bike came out in 99 and saying I gotta have one. But economics, housing building, and other priorities keep me and the Busa seperated. Finally after 3 years of wanting, planning, and desiring, i stepped in the shop signed the papers, and then watched them give it that off the showroom floor inspection, then fired it up and rode it around to block to make sure it was running ok then wheeling it back in and parking it in front of me.. I remember the excitement, and the fear and excitement of throwing my leg over 1298cc of pure adrenalin, climbing in the seat and easying it down the highway.

Then i remember looking down at the speedo thinking  i must have being doing about 70 and it was reading 110 i was thinking, 'SMOOTH' oh the JOY  

yes officer thats the whole truth i didn't realize the speed limit was only 65 or that i was going 110 mph or that the your car at 105.

yeah I remember when i got it, I wouldn't  trade that first ride on my own busa for the world  


I was on the last leg of my six month deployment in the Arabian Gulf, when my ship stopped in Darwin, Australia. I had flown my fiancee in from Adelaide so that we could spend some time together, and I came up with this crazy notion to compare prices out here. I already new what the dealer wanted for a new on in Hawaii, so when he told me 4,000 bucks less??? I had to have it. When I strolled into the dealer, I saw a buddy from the ship buying a GSXR 1000. Despite all the hardships that I've faced trying to get it compliant and registered, I don't regret that purchase one bit... I will come out victourious!!!
I was both excited and scared to death.  I had to wait for almost two weeks after signing the papers before I could bring my 2000 blue and silver Busa home.  The day I was going to bring them the check was the day that the cam chain tensioner recall came out.  So I had to wait for the parts to come in.  They couldn't release it before they fixed it.  I was supposed to get it the day after Thanksgiving 1999.  So that morning I called the shop and was told that it would be done that afternoon.  So all morning I was going nuts waiting by the phone for them to call me.  In the mean time I was watching a big storm coming in from the West.  Finally at about 4:00 I just went to the shop to get ahead of the storm.  So I thought.  After some delays they were done.  About an hour after it started raining.  I made the jump from a 1998 CBR 600 to this beast.  All the hype about the power of this thing was enough to make me nervous and then someone added rain.  New bike with almost that twice the power, new tires and heavy rain made for a very long and hairy 45 minute ride home.  I was very happy to park it in the garage when I got home.  After the rain dried up the next day and from that day on I hate parking it.  I just want to keep going.  This thing is incredible.
Well, since y'all are posting some fairly lengthy, entertaining stories, here goes. . .

I had been looking for "A Bike" for a long time. My 1982 Seca Turbo just wasn't doing it anymore - seat like iron, vibrating mirrors, etc. I knew EVERYTHING that was out there. Wanted something big and fast that I could use to commute and a slight bit of touring. Anyway, I'm about 5 minutes away from driving to Fargo to buy a new Kawasaki ZX12, talking to the dealer on the phone. He says I can't take a test drive until I buy it. I'm like, "HUH?" Actually, I was more mad than that. After a bunch of bickering, I get them to the point of me paying $200 for a test drive, then if I don't like it, I get my money back. About that time I happen to read in one of the cycle mags about the heads up test between the Busa and ZX12, and the Busa creams it in most ways (fit and finish was important to me). So, even though the ZX12 was $4k below sticker (brand new, 0 miles), I told them to bite me. I wanted a Blue Triumph Sprint ST. Great deal on one with 3k miles, bailed out. REALLY wanted (and still do) a BMW K1200RS - to many $$$. Same with the Aprilia Futura -they were just out and no discounts to be had. CBR1100XX was on the list, didn't want black. Then I saw it next to a Busa - no contest! The CBR is smoother looking, but so damn PLAIN - no personality. VFR 800 - too small and weak, Mitch Boehm be damned! TL1000S and VTR996 Superhawk - paranoid about the V-twin vibration. Bandit 1200S - an early contender, but up close, its just CHEAP. Moto Guzzi V11 Lemans . . .oooohhh, baby. But 90 hp? So, after countless hours and months and miles, the 2001 Blue/Silver Busa came into my life. Best part - couldn't test drive that either, until I already owned it! I do need a bike for every day of the week, though!!! Sorry this took so long.
As soon as I saw the 2000 Blue and Silver in the dealership I knew I was going to get it that day. Jumped from an '88 FZR 400 to a bike that was 3 times as big. When I rode it off the lot, I thought I had it in second gear. Rode it 150 miles the first day. Have 19,000 miles on the clock now and that's just the beginning.............
I just got my blue/silver 2000 Busa last month. I remember it like it was yesterday lol. I knew exactly what I wanted. I considered a new 12R, but when it came down to it, I HAD to have a Busa. There it was, right out in front of the very first dealer I went to. I promised myself I wouldn't buy the first thing I saw, but later that week, there I was buying it. No regrets here! The bike is incredible.