Regulator in fire!


hi everyone! this is my first post to forum. I trust only your comments. here we go...

I have a '99 busa and I had power lose especially 2500-3000 rpm. So I changed the fuel pump(thanks a lot denon970) then at my first run to test I realized my 3rd injector leaked out fuel from the top o ring. But before, unfortunately I tried to start engine several times with leaking an injector and at last my battery finished. Then I fixed the injectors after 2 days and started the engine without changing or charging the battery everything was so well for testing about 20 km in every rpm. Today when I went for a ride after cleaning my busa, the car driver after me warn me with his horn like hell, my busa's tail was smoky. I disassembled the tail fairing and saw the regulator burning. And I saw the regulator is for gsxr 750(First owner :banghead: ) but I already rode about 5000 km with it. I will changed it with original one but which one is caused that.

low battery with unfit regulator?
an electrical problem because of washing?
just death regulator?
or any other thing/things?

and please remember that I didn t get any f1 code, and so sorry for my english :) thanks in advance...
The 750 regulator might have been borderline and the dead battery took it over the edge. Get the right regulator installed and then immediately run the bike through a full electrical test to make sure that was the only issue. I'd have to check the wiring harness for damage too.

Experts will be along.
couldn't say for sure what caused the death of the regulator but since you are replacing it, i would look at going this route especially if you run any kind of aftermarket goodies that pull more power...i have one and it has performed perfectly :beerchug:

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btw, :welcome: to the board
I repaired the burning cables and I just replaced the regulator with an original one. So far so good. Thanks for advices