As is very common, I always remove the stupid reflectors that come on motorcycles here in the US. Usually the front ones are easy to remove, (like on the Busa). But the back ones are a pain as you aften have to disassemble the tail to get to the fasteners or rivets. Sometimes you even have to drill them out.

So for the rear ones on the the Busa it "seems" easy as they two exposed screws each. So I simply unscrewed them, however, only one of them on each reflector (the rear one) actually screwed out. The others seem to be attached to something on the other side of the undertail and it will not come loose. If you remove the seat/hump you cannot see anything because that area is blocked from view.

What is the trick here? Do I really have to disassemble the whole damn tail just to get at those fasteners? I was hoping I would nothave to do this. If I have to, how do you get to the plastic "pop" fasteners to remove the tail section? They are also hidden (at least the back of them where you need the center post back thru to release them).
To remove the plastic rivits you just push the center in. Once you remove the rivit then you push the center post all the way back out so you can put it back.
Ah Welcome the WTF Is Up with These Rear Reflector Club...I got caught. They are Bolted in so if you put some tension on the bracket you may be able to charm it out. Otherwise you remove all the Rivets and undo a few hex bolts and you can lever yourself into the backside...They are a are not the first, won't be the last...
Once I decided I had to do it the right way only took 20 minutes or so. This after a good hours worth of stuggle. Yeah to remove the little plastic rivets just push in the centers a little with a small hex key or something then pull the whole thing out with your fingernails...

The Reflectors on the old' Katana were held on with sheat metal screws. Took 30 seconds...
To remove the rear reflectors, unscrew the screw which leaves the nut inside the tail section. If you have trouble with getting the screws to loosen, just pull down on the reflector while you are turning the screw. That should put enough pressure on the nut inside to allow you to get it loose. The front nut will roll towards the front of the bike where there is a hole behind the exhaust mounting bracket that you can reach into with your fingers and grab the nut. For the back nut, there is a plastic support molded into the fender plastic between the two nuts that hold on the reflector. When the screw is out you need to slap the bottom of the fender with your hand to make the nut jump over this support and then fall forward to where you can grab it with your fingers as before.
Yeah, what the Mighty Wall Said...  I was thump thumping parts outta the tail section same way...