Rectifier Regulator


I am new to the site and recently brought a 2002 Black on Black Le Busa with 200 miles on it. After putting on an additional 400 miles the battery kept draining on me during rides, but was easily recharged at home and I could jump start the bike. I took it in to Cycles USA in Maryland where it has been sitting for three weeks waiting for a Rectifier Regulator which I'm told is on back order. This should be a common part for any bike and not a problem to order. Does anyone know of any recalls or bulletins concerning the regulators for Busa's.

Thanks for the help from a new Busa owner.
Welcome to the board WYATT :beerchug:

Reg/rectifier should be alot easier than that to find for a Busa.
Just replaced one on my uncle's 1993 CBR1000f.....took three days to get it for that bike, and there are very few of those in this a matter of fact I've only ever seen 3 including his.
Try another dealer.....or did you already.....three weeks is ludacris for that part.
Check out e-bay to......there's a couple Busas being parted out on there right now..........even if the part is not listed on e-bay, you could e-mail the guys that are parting bikes and just buy direct if they have the part.

Good luck Bro. :super: :thumbsup:
Thanks for the reply. They did try several different dealers, with no luck. I spoke with them yesterday evening and they said it was shipped from Japan on Friday. I couldnt buy used because I wanted it covered under warranty. I just hope this isn't a recurring problem for the Busa.
Hmmm, had that problem on an older bike of mine. It was a short in the wiring harness. There may be a pinched wire in the harness. Keep it in mind if after a couple of months this problem returns. Then (or now) ask the dealer to check the bike for a drain on the battery when everything is "off".

Just my $.02
I just got my bike back last night, after three and a half weeks. After seeing the bill, I cant complain. The dealer was able to get the regulator $185.00 part/ 5.5. hours of labor at $72.00 an hour, covered under the warranty, even though I hadnt had the warranty transferred to my name and my year was up a couple of days before I brought it in. Also, while I had it in I had D&D's put on and it sounds and runs great. Some dry weather in the NE would be nice.
I've never heard of any bike having a definate history of problems with R/R's, other than Hondas. Especially the viffers, which seem to munch on 'em daily. Some BMW F-650's have a problem of them going regularly at 12k miles. Never heard of a R/R problem on any relatively new Suzi.