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Take care of yourself big guy. Rough injury, looking at at least 3 months. You have a great spirit. Hoping for a full and complete recovery for you and the ride brother. :thumbsup:

Blanca BusaLess

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That's good news. Heal up quick.

Maybe your hand hit the tank and dinged it? When I crashed the bars whipped so violently to one side it threw my hand/wrist off the grip and into the tank so hard it put a huge dent in it.
Kevin, I must say when I came saw you, you were probably the spunkiest patient in the ICU. Could have been the meds, but I really liked your outlook. I hope you have a fast and full recovery.
Glad to hear your feeling better. We pray you heal fast and are able to get back on the two wheels. I can only ride every other day because of a medical malpractice, and now I am facing kidney failure. This doctor screwed my life up and ended my military career. I can only ride on days I am able to take pain medication. Anyway heal fast man. Glad your feeling better.


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ssg_petty_210 Is you kindney failure permanent? That sure doesn't sound good. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Thanks again to all those friends that are pulling for me.

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