reasonally priced extended swing arm kits


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Going to stay away from the bolt on type extentions...for now.

Going fat tire,mostly dictated by price,but probably just a 240 for now.

Real world opinions/expertise wanted.

Open to any arm manufacturer based on your experience with said product.

Posters with comments like bolt on's are fine,bolt on's sukk,extended arms look stoopid....etc.... those folks....."need not apply." :laugh:

Have parts I could swap for one. Parts/cash. Or just plain old American green backs. :thumbsup:

Totally open to a used one...hence the thread topic "reasonably priced."

Bigtime thanks,

I just picked up a 2000 busa with a 240 Roaring Toyz. I'm actually really impressed. Thought it would be a little worse to ride than it is. I'm seriously considering swapping out my 2001 extended swingarm for a 300 from them now too.
Might I suggest Thompson's Custom Cycles/ I got my 6" over fixed swingarm from them and it was a good deal being that it came with the chain, brakeline, rotors, heavy duty spring, chain guard and a few other nic-nac's. I think I paid around 1300. This was for only a 200 tire, but they have deals/kits for all the way up to 360 kits and I vouch for them making good product.
Mine came with one from Roaring Toyz already on it. It's completely fixed and I watched it get run hard on the dyno last Friday standing right next to it. It held it's shape well with very little flex. They are also sponsors here. I never pictured myself riding a fixed swing arm bike, but considering what I want to do with it, it's fairly logical. One thing that will get your attention on one is drop offs in the riding surface. It reminds me of hitting a jump on a dirt bike a little too fast. You have to shift your weight back, quickly. I like the one I have and like the way it looks. If I rode twists and turns, I would probably hate it. It's all about what you want, what you like and what you want to do with it. For me, it works.
I would also suggest Thompson's Custom Cycles/ I got an 8 over arm from them this past winter. Well made, good price. I requested the spool brackets be is a specific location. And told them where I wanted the air line fittings on the tank. I got just what I wanted. They are worth taking a look at before you make a purchase...
Bolt on's are fine,bolt on's sukk,extended arms look stoopid....