I've seen several rearset pictures. Thinking about a set for my '05. What is the major advantage? Better leg position for the tuck? Do they shift more weight onto your wrists? Is the riding position more comfortable? Worse? Any suggestions on which brand offers the most adjustably (damn, is adjustably a word?)?


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They look  
 is why most people use them.

Advantages are:

look good
more ground clearance for cornering


expensive $300-$500
can't always get replacement parts...ya break one and you might have buy a new set
adjustment is upward and to the rear of the stock pegs...this helps with twisties...not cruising on the freeway


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That about covers it.

You can spend a little extra money and get some that are fully adjustible. Not all of them are.


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imnsho?...the answers provided thusfar couldn't be more wrong or more follows...

undoubtedly?..some folks do buy'em just for the "cool factor"...and my shopping experience for rearsets concluded that there's many rearset manufacturers out there that do in fact capitolize on those folks by offering up rathere expensive rearsets that actually don't have very much i decided that before i'd spend $350-$500+ on rearsets?....that COST wouldn't be a factor...and that i would simply buy the rearsets that offered "THE MOST RANGE OF ADJUSTABILITY" out there....which turned out to be a toss-up between Sato and Cyclecat with the nod going to cyclecat as they even adjusted "DOWN"'s what i discovered....

"Down" really ain't worth a shid as compared to "Back" and here's why....

Down:? your knees are still at the same forward position on the wide portion of the tank


Back:? Your knees actually wind up going both down and back going rearward with foot position drops your knee into the sweet spot on the tank....the tanks recessed areas...where the tank has a nice slender profile.

I bought the cyclecats cause they were the most adjustable....some trearsets out there are a they only offer up 10-20mm's of rearset...which ain't shid as compared to the cyclecat, sato or even gilles...and i can tell you this...the stock foot position had my knees splayed out so far that on all day long rides? hip joints would be killing me...and my cyclcat rearset are adjusted to the 1" up...1 1/2" back position and i couldn't be more comfy....all day long.

and?...with gobs more ground clearance.

L8R, Bill.


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