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Hey guys, bought a Busa a few days ago with a few mods and cannot get an ounce of traction in first gear, every time I go to pull a wheelie the rear tire goes up in smoke, I"m not kidding hear.
I weigh 230 lbs and even if I sit back on the seat the thing spins ridiculously.
My last ride was a 96 ZX11 and it does not compare at all.
It's a real strange juggling act to give it enough throttle to heave the front end and at the same time not to much throttle so the rear doesn't produce mass amounts of smoke.
I left a light tonight, got on it hard spun for about 80 feet
then the tire instantly lifted about three feet in the air.
I cannot get enough of this it's totally addicting.
I'm sure you all know of what I speak.
that is a weird problem. The first place to look is your tires. What kind of tires are you running? Are they in good shape?

If the bike has been sitting for a long time, or the rear tire looks to be a bit bald, err on the side of caution and replace your front and rear tires. I would bet that your rear tire is either slightly bald or old.

Second, if the tires are in good shape, are you giving them time to warm up? At least a mile of decent 40+mph riding should warm them up plenty. If you start the bike up and goose it, you're tires will spin

Third, tire pressure. Make sure you're running 40 rear, 42 front. Even though less tire pressure would allow for a bigger footprint and more grip, I've never spun my tire with 40 rear.

I'd bet your tires need replacing. Put a fresh set of Pilots, D208's, or the OEM Bridgestones on there. It wont slip anymore. If it does, I'd start looking into suspension. Make sure the rear isnt on super hard settings, and return the setting to factory settings. If compression is set on full hard, this wont allow the bike to "squat" the rear tire into the ground.

I'd bet $1 it's your tires, get them replaced, front and rear

Thanks for the reply Mikeyusf.
Tires are almost new, pressure is at 42, suspension is set at stock, and it does this all the time in first even when tires are totally warm.
I assumed that this was a normal condition with the Hayabusa.
i have the same problem on my new 03. stock bridgestone new tires, factory suspension settings only 140 miles on her. I came to a stop sign and left and went about 100 ft. came down on her fairly good and just started spinning. Its was only about 40 degrees up here so would this cause it to loose traction? will also check tire pressures.
The stock tires suck!! Get some good meat on you bikes and you won't have ant problems. Also so try bouncing the throttle let off letting the front dive down then gas it. But get a good sticky rear tire. My bike is extended 8" and I can still do some wheelies
yea I think 42 psi is too much tire pressure for wheelies. Drop it down to about 32. Also get a digital tire pressure guage, they run about $10 at walmart and an $100 air compressor. With the busa, tire pressure is extremely important

Yes, stock tires are definitely crap. I had mine only a short while, after leaving a corner with a bit of throttle, I wheel-spinned, tank-slapped a few times and, by miracle, managed not to wreck. I bought new D207s that same week.

Also, if the pavement is cold, it will break loose easily, much more so on the stockers, though.
I'm betting it's the cold weather...I live n WI and I hve the haprdest time getting the tires to stick when it's below 50 degrees. I've even had this problem with my new Pirelli diablo tire. Give it some time then and try givin her when the roads are a little warmer.
To much tire pressure in the rear, let some of the air out of the tire and she should hook up for ya.
Like PH & Narc are telling you.. the cold, the stock tires and the pressure, can be the problems.

I run the D207 too and found running 36-38 psi in the rear and 40 psi in the front seem to be the best setup for me.

No clutching, and rolling On-Off-wackin' back On, will bring the front up EVERYTIME.
Usually about 4500-5000rpms, is when I do it.

Also, if you bought it used, do you know what gearing it has?
Lower gearing will cause freespin alot easier then the stock gearing, also.

I am 6' and 205lbs. running 17/42 gearing, have a 16t for the front, just not the time to install it.

Peace & GL,
Lots of good grabing tires out there.  I run the Shinko diamonds with 310hp and they still crab.  If you try  you can smoke anything.  The trick is to do it with out smoken.

Run 38lbs in the tires. For altitude of 1,000 - 5,000
Yeah check on that gearing...And you haven't had the bike long enough it sounds to know it's powerband and/or sweet spots...Where it likes it and where it doesn't...Also check your speed...Alot of times you can actually be going to fast for a clutch wheelie and cause a spin...Slow your speed/rpm's and watch that...And you really shouldn't be trying 1st gear wheelies on the Busa anyway their for p$#$@'s...  
Got the roll on wheelie thing down pat yesterday, just needed some time.
Roll on it with out full throttle in first get it in in the air no prob now and carry thru to second.
Next is third I guess, just need more seat time.
Thanks for all the posts, I sure appreciate it.
Tires are expensive....accelleration is addicting...isn't it great.
Ya gotta find a happy medium..i get 5 to 6 k out of a tire..
I still play but must consider the cost of rubber.....
It's a dream to have this problem...not a nightmare ...
Ultimate bang for the's called a Suzuki Hayabusa.
Iv'e heard those crazy stories about goin' out for the day on a brand new "meat"..cords showing when getting home..
"jealous" gotta be fun... You decide...brain and right hand..
what can you correct TP's