rear view mirrors....


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I bought these on e-bay. They have different colors. They cost $129.00
Those do look nice they are Roaring Toys mirrors if I remember correctly. These are me personal favorite.

99 to 08 09 HAYABUSA BLACK CONVEX ROARING TOYZ MIRRORS:eBay Motors (item 370211044948 end time Jul-04-09 05:23:flamethrowing: PDT)

Chrome Billet Mirrors GSXR Hayabusa CBR R1 R6 ZX 6 9 10

Also if you notice from the picture in the above post. The mirrors can be turn inwards so they don't stick out to far. If you looking for mirrors that hug closer to the bike.

P.S. Pig spotter mirrors or pretty much for look as there ability to function is almost nill.

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