Rear tire replacement


Are there any known preferences for replacing the standard rear tire on a 2002? Standard issue is a Bridgestone BattleAxe BT56R 190/50ZR17 (73W). I picked up a piece of road shrapnel about the size of a single edge razor knife blade, and got about a one inch gash in the center of the tread area. I had about 6700 miles anyway, and was nearly at the wear indicator bars, so I was going to need one soon anyway.
I do mostly freeway riding in the San Diego/Los Angeles area; no organized racing of any kind. I was happy enough with the tires, but then again, the bike is my first one of this type, and I really don't have much to compare it to. I still have about a half-inch edge that hasn't been ridden on at the outer limits of the tread area, so I guess I'm not riding it that hard. It seemed sticky enough, but is 6700 miles standard to wear them out? I understand that there are other tires available as well (e.g., Dunlop D207) and longevity is a consideration if all else was approximately equal.
Any suggestions here? I surely would appreciate the input.
Thanks in advance,
This is a common question but I'll answer it anyway.
If you are looking for mileage only then I would suggest the Michelin Maccadam 100X. Or the Metzler Hard compound tire. I think its the Metzler Me1? :hammerhead: The third longest lasting tire would be the Michelin Pilot Sport ( not the HPX ) This is the most expensive long range tire in the bunch at around 200+ dollars before tax/mount. My longest lasting tire was the Pilot Sport and I had around 9,000 front 7,000 rear. Then I discovered knee pucks
Now I burn a rear BT010 in around 1,500 miles and a front in about 2,200 miles. :hammerhead: You can't beat a set of BT010's for about 210.00 installed with tax.
Just my .02
I still like the BT10 also, great price and Ok mileage. Look at the new BT12's, that is going to be my next full set.