Rear Tire Removal


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It's pretty easy...

Remove the safety pin (cotter pin) that goes through the axle nut.

Break loose the 36mm axle nut.

Break loose the brake caliper bolts that connect to the hanger (2 of them, maybe 12mm, I forget)

Put the bike up on a rear stand.

Remove the brake caliper hanger bolts and rest the caliper on the rim (I usually put a rag around it as not to scratch the rim).

Slide wheel forward to enable you to lift the chain off the sprocket and lay it around the end of the swingarm.

Remove the 36mm axle nut completely

Now you are ready to push the axle through and remove the wheel. I put my foot under the tire and push up to take some of the weight off the axle and push the axle through (don't forget the remove the adjuster block). You may want a place to lay down the axle since there should be a little bit of grease on it and you don't want to get it dirty. So be prepared before you have your hands full.

Pull the wheel straight out the back being careful to guide the caliper out of the way.

It's so easy a caveman could do it...


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If you are taking the wheel somewhere, take the spacer off of the right side so you dont lose it. :beerchug:


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Ops... I was just too early in the morning, you want to remove the tire... the tire from the rim... Hold on I have a pretty good link...

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