Rear sprocket material


I want to add a littel color to my '02 silver/gray/...I thought i might just put an aluminum rear sprocket in one of those anodized colors (can yousay "Poser"?)...anyway...I saw a reference somewhere that said only steel should be used on a Busa?

Can anyone recommend a location to buy a sprocket? Steel or otherwise?
I think aluminum is fine for normal busas, even my turbo is running an aluminum sprocket. On my '01 the aluminum sprocket has 3k miles and it looks fine. If you are worried you can get a "titan tough" (?) version that is stronger... I think you will be fine with aluminum.
Aluminum is fine, just pay extra attention to your chain. Clean it and lube it every 1000 miles or so. Aluminum won't last as long as steel but it has it's benifits like weight, and price.