Rear shock remote reservoir mounting location


Hey guys and gals, I have a new (24 miles) Busa in pieces and Im not sure where to mount the remote reservoir for the rear shock. It's a stock tail, stock subframe, no passenger peg bike. The shock came with 2 clamps and 2 rubber vibration dampers. I'm assuming it gets mounted to the subframe but where? Pics would be helpful.

Thanks in advance



Believe it or not I didn't receive them. They were in a box packed full of Brock stuff and of course it's the weekend. I have a 4 over Trac arm. Thinking 61 "ish".


Depends on the length of hose, but I clamped mine to the upper brace of the subframe on the right side, beside the ECU. In your case you may need to move the ECU over a bit which may be a deal breaker, but I run an aftermarket undertail so everything is in a different place anyway.

On another bike I mounted to the lower brace of the subframe on the left side, but again I was using an aftermarket undertail so access wasn't limited like with a stock undertail.

There are no instructions for where to mount because it is totally up to your preference.


If this is the Ohlins KA 545 with the external reservoir connected to the shock by a line rather than attached to the shock... I would probably go with what arch is showing. If this the Ohlins reservoir that goes in the big clamp, you will need to fab a simple bracket adapter. A piece of 1/8" aluminum angle iron might be strong enough and easy to work with but I would favor 3/16" if you can find that. Or sandwich two pieces of 1/4" angle iron.

This was for my 14. Took a lot of thought but it would be a lot simpler if you were just using one bolt to fasten the adapter.


I do not think there is any exposed tail subframe you could clap to without cutting a hole in the mudflap. ??? It is fairly routinne to attach nitrous bottles in this location so that same approach could work for a shock reservoir. Check out the pics on DynoTune Nitrous


Mystery solved, the hose routed up through the undertale and mounts nicely to the subframe. Zip ties were used to fit the tail and check for clearance issues. It's completely hidden and easily adjustable through the passenger peg bracket hole. Thanks guys and gals

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