Rear Seat


All of a sudden this weekend my rear seat won't come off. Pretty weird but one of my buddys said he saw something here in one of the forums. Seems like the search is gone now so I thought I would do a post. Anyone have any good ideas how to get the rear seat off.
The bad news is your cable is either broke or come out of the lock,either way youre in for a liitle drama here,You'll need to stick your arm up throught the bottom of the rear section from the front on the left side and either turn the lock or pull the cable. Pulling the cable is easier, I did it with a pair of hemostats when my cable broke.NJ.
hey and you should hope your cable is broke. i forgot to hook mine back up after taking off the tail and i had to dremel the bottom of my wheel well. If you cant get your hand in there you can always use a coat hanger
I would remove the pins and allen bolt that holds the tail section to the bike and create separation between it and the undertail. Then do as NJ said and try to pull the cable and free the seat.
Thanks a bunch, I will work on it, just a pain in the ass....always gotta be something right...thanks for the tips