Rear Seat Trouble


This is probably a bonehead thing that will only happen to me but I thought I would pass it along. Don't do as I did yesterday and cram a bunch of stuff, a small back pack and a cargo net (which fits ok) but I threw in on top of all that the case for my glasses and during the ride it shifted around and ended up jammed in behind the latch that opens the seat. I had to use a stiff piece of wire and fish it in like when you lock the keys in your car (not that has happened to me), anyway I had to use this to move the case out of the way which was no easy task. But after i was successful I got to thinking about attaching a small wire with a ring on the end of it to the arm of the lock mechanism, drill a small hole through the undertail and have a pull latch to pop the seat. eliminating the need for the key and keeping the latch hidden. Hmmmmm maybe another free and practical mod.
been there done that.
On my 99 ZX-9 I could reach up under the tail-section and gently pull down on the cable attached to the lock assembly to pop the rear seat.That worked well but it was something I'd never do if I was away from home because you never know who might looking.
Yeah thought of that, but with the Scorpio alarm watching my back and the fact I would never leave valuables under the seat while away. It would be more of a convenience issue, access under the seat while the bike is running that sort of thing.
I forgot to connect my cable from the lock to the latch when I reinstalled my tail fairing once. I tried and tried and tried to get it with a coat hanger and everything else I could find. I was getting so pissed I ended up grabbing the hump (that was attached to the tail) but the front end of it and pulled backwards, attempting to rip it off. I was surprised when the two little white plastic hooks that attach to the subframe bent back and released the hump. The bent right back into place so there was no damage. Once it lifted up I was able to get my hand in far enough to grap the latch and move it. I was almost positive that I was going to need a new hump or something else when I decided to rip it off. I'm glad it worked out though.