Rear Seat/hump Lock Question


just had my bike painted and painter had to remove everything from body work. I picked up the tank and fairings along with a box of bolts, clips, etc...

Looking for some instructions or knowledge on how to reinstall the rear lock and latch.
Pictures or instructions would be great.

Any help is appreciated
What year? If it is a 99-07, underneath the rear hump there is a cross bar where two Phillips head bolts hold the lock in place. There is an open latch where the ball end of the cable goes. On the rear cowling, a clip holds the key hole for the lock in place.
Latch mounts behind subframe crossbar under passenger seat.
Latch mounts in front of subframe crossbar under passenger seat.
Latch bar moves to the right to open(when looking at it from front of bike)on gen1 and 2.
2 bolts/phillips head hold latch to to subframe, gen1 and 2.
Cable goes to key cylinder with clip on back to hold cylinder in tail plastic.
Thanks for the feedback, it was the rear key lock that had me confused but after reading your response and looking at it I laughed cause it was simple.
Appreciate the help.
Micro fiche pages all ways are help full also! On the part supply places
Glad you found the answer, no stupid questions around here. Its how we learn even if it is simple. Do you know how many times we have helped a member start their bike because the kill switch was off? LOL Simple things .