Rear Seat Cowl

Airhawk 6

Does anyone know where I can purchase a different style rear seat cowl. I'm looking for one that is shaped like a gixxers, or dare I say r1?
I realize the factory one is probably more areodynamic but I don't care for the humpback look.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have not seen or heard of such a thing.
However, you could probably modify one fairly easily and inexpensively... food for thought.

Be sure to post up what you find / do.
Sounds like it would have to be a custom job to get something other than the stock hump. I've never seen one. Most people either like it and ride with it or don't like it and use the pillion seat.
Thanks guys, I figured as much, I spent about three hours searching the web last night with no luck.
I may try to modify one and see how it looks, if I can get it to look right I post pictures..