Rear Preload


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I am wanting to add a little more preload but realized the bike does not come with the wrench to change it. Anyone know where I can get one cheap? I didn't want to beat the crap out of the nuts with a hammer and screwdriver to change the settings. It would be nice to add a little more preload when my girlfriend is on the back(insert fat girlfriend joke here). She only weighs 120 pounds but enough to make the back end sag and the front feel too light. The settings are stock right now, I weigh 200 pounds and was also wondering if anyone with the same weight has alterred their settings for solo riding?
I haven't messed with it yet, but I am interested in hearing others... So, I will help to keep it alive too.

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the stock preloads are made for those little asian gp riders. I did change the preload usuing a hammer and a screwdriver, just be careful and treat hear as you would a woman. Gently stroke her and tap it gently
. I marked one edge with a sharpie and that gave me an idea on how many turns I'm giving her.
. Toy around with it and see what that does.
Yeah I tried the hammer and screwdriver method but I didnt like how hard I had to hit it to get the nut to move. Just rather get the wrench and do it right. Thanks for the input.
I am pretty sure it is called a spanner wrench, call Suzuki Dealer and ask them. I am also waiting for a good answer... maybe try
the spanner wrench works great too, but with the limited clearance in the rear it is a bit of a pain to get her manuvered in there.
Yeah it looked a bit tight in there, I called the local dealer and he has some spanner wrenches, it is double ended (don't remember the sizes) for $17. I will let you guys know how it works. I am going to pick it up tonight.
If you like it, I would also be interested in the Part number.
I got the wrench, it is not a suzuki tool, just a generic spanner wrench, cost $17. I tried it on for fit and it works, I want to say it was a 63 millimeter on one end and an 85 on the other. I am going to adjust it tomorrow since I can't see very well in my garage at night. I do know the shock is not easy to get to, and the wrench may be too big to be of any use unless I start taking parts off the bike to get to it.
I got an old spanner wrench from a friend it is all beat up, but it work alright. Can only get one click at a time.
OK i just tried out the spanner wrench and it works great I would definitely suggest getting one. I was able to get about a quarter turn without removing any body work. It is easiest to go from the left side of the bike.