Rear Lowering Links install?


What is the easiest way to install the lowering links with the stock kickstand and no centerstand? I heard it is pretty easy if you stand the bike up and have someone sit on it and compress the suspension. Just curious.

you need to lift the rear of the bike, by the grab handle, or hooks inside the storage area, or (carefully) a floor jack. the swingarm has to be 'floating' so you can move it up and down by hand to pull the bolts out of the lowering links. not too tricky, just get the rear of the bike off the ground and take it easy. Break the bolts loose before you lift the bike.
If you are at all mechanically inclined, it should not be hard.

I hung my bike with a come-along. This worked perfectly, as I could crank it up and down to align everything. Picture in the map, NJ section. This is only a one beer job.