Rear ended while stationary - 2003 black phantom totalled

Nice sunny day yesterday here in the UK, waiting at a roundabout to pull out when the car behind decides I'm invisible and rear ends me! My back snapped off the busa hump the exhaust twisted and one whole side badly road rashed.....awaiting the dreaded insurance decision.

That will hurt tomorrow...mate had that happen a few years ago and missed a month from work with bad back and neck pain..his was a bit of a shunt that broke the rear wheel.

Hope your OK...never nice when its totally not your fault.


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glad you're around to tell us about it, hope you heal up quickly and are back on two wheels soon :beerchug:
Thanks guys - whiplash to neck, lower back disc injury and a bruised leg so although frustrating all hopefully healing soon, now how much luck finding another black framed / black gen 1!!


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