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So i'm getting a machine shop here in town to make me a new rear axle, question i have is, there making it out of solid aluminum instead of the hollow aluminum, we felt the weight on both and its barely any diff. can anyone foresee a problem with it being solid? your help would be great, thanks
You may have trouble torquing the nut if it is made out of aluminum (72 foot pounds) pretty fine thread.
The steel bearings will be riding on it too, and that may wear it faster.
Just my gut but I would trust the hollow steel over aluminum.
i cant, i have a 240, which makes the stock axle to short, i thought the hollow axle is aluminum, if im wrong how do they keep it form rusting?


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If you are having an axle made, make it steel, not aluminum!

I"m not sure what the OEM axle is made from but I'd bet it's not your everyday aluminum you buy off the shelf!


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Just get a 240 axle from any wide tire kit maker. Big shops have done the R&R so you don't have to.

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think the OEM is cad plated steel... (they do a crap job of plating however)

Paul is right, buy one from a kit maker that has already engineered the thing.. what a piss poor thing to have fail due to a design flaw....


Even a caveman can do it.
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Don't let my first post come off harsh.
I can understand the want to have something custom on your bike. But, an axle is nothing to play around with. That's what keeps your rear wheel in place and the last thing you want to fail at any speed. I know you probably don't want to, but it's much better to spend the cash for a new axle. If you really need one I can get one for you at a good price.

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