Rear axle price check


One local shop quoted me $99.95 for the axle and $17 for the axle nut for my 06 Busa. Anyone have a better price? Why do I need one you ask....

This morning it was time to switch out the rear tire that has the Shinko on for drag racing and replace with a second wheel that has a Dunlop tire that is better suited for road trips.

I have changed out the wheels many times before in preparation for trackdays, dragracing or road trips, this time it seems to have turned into a expensive headache. I always use a torque wrench, and a motion pro chain alignment tool when I change out the wheels so I don't believe this was caused by a poor procedure on my part. There was no issues when I put the wheel on three days ago.

When I went to remove the rear axle nut it moved lesss than a eigth of a turn then locks up solid. Fast forward to 45min later and now I have to replace the rear axle, axle nut, two chain adjuster aluminum square blocks after having to cut off the axle nut with a dremmel cutting wheel. Turns out one small piece of the thread on the axle itself (about only half an inch in length) fractured off and got bound up under the axle nut.

So if anyone has these four pieces laying around I would be interesed.

Thx in advance

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