Reaper Riser Install: Help!


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I managed to get the caps, bolts, and windscreen off the bike to install the reaper risers. I have two issues.

1. If you don't lower the bike when you install the risers, will I be left with gaps where the fork posts are? It appears that once I got the TT free and I attempt to raise it, there is a gap on the two posts(forks), but in the install pictures on Reaper's site, there are no gaps.

2. I have steel breaded brake lines and it appears that lines are only long enough for stock configuration. (Goodrich lines). Anyone have any experience with this and can advice? Worst case, I may just try to go through and get all the slack I can, but there doesn't appear to be much as it is.

Thanks for the help all
If you need riser's the busa may not be the bike for you!
Thanks for the pics... I am going to try to get it back together here in an hour. I ran out of slack on my steel breaded brake lines so I am having a hard time getting the TT to raise up an 1". I am just going to remove some of the brake hose clamps that go down towards the front tire and see if this frees up enough slack to raise the bars without lowering the bike.

If I lowered the bike, I am sure I would have enough slack, but I was kind of just wanting to raise the bars right now and keep the bike at the stock height until I can get a adjustable kickstand.

Let you know how it goes here in a couple of hours. Thanks again....
If you need riser's the busa may not be the bike for you!
Is that how u really help a brother? A mod for one man may not be the mod for another...certain mods shouldn’t somehow "disqualify" the man from the bike...maybe the bro has a bad back, wants something for touring, a more relax sitting style, going streetfighter or something else I can't even imagine & doesn't want to give up his pride & joy Busa.  IMHO

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Cloud i ran into this problem also i am opting to get longer brake lines so i don't have to lower my front it's either lower the front at least a 1in which not hard to do i have done some lowering already to leave it which i know sucks otherwise you wouldn't be doing the bar riser the easest way i have found to lower the front is losen one fork at a time and then compress the front some in hopes it slides up don't do it to loose or you may slide more then you want usually do this after you have the triple tree back on the bike before you do this take a small marker and mark on the for against the lower triple clamp so you can take measurments of how much you went and then repeat for the other side
a few points....

to lower yer ride(slide the fork uppers higher into the trees,do this by loosening the pinch bolts for the tube , grab that tube give her a little twist and push an' yer there...bouncing up an down on the suspension with loose pinch bolts...BAD IDEA.

brake lines...make sure you have slack,just because you can get yer risers on an' yer lines hooked up doesnt mean you hav enuff slack . A bike at the rest position needs a certain amount of line....but after hitting a large bump in the road,the forks will rebound and become longer than they are at rest.....make sense...

heli bars an' busa 1300nut advise....Amtrak Warrior's concerns are bit over the top,I think...the guy offered his opinion , I dont think he needed to be scolded like a small child

Hands hurt...the reason for all this....sum1 mentioned riding postition....this is entirely correct . A 1 inch rise in the bar height is more mental than physical in terms of ergonomic value . Change the way you sit . I garantee I can take that weight off yer hands . You'll need to do 2 things .
1: put yer stock screen back on. If yer under 6 feet you wont need an aftermarket screen to see the guages.
Reason being , you need that wind to hit you in the chest,hold you up an' take the weight off yer hands.

2: Riding'll be able to sell those risers on Ebay after this . Sit at an average height table,on an average height chair . Sit normally,totally relax, now reach forward an' put just yer hands on the table . Relax. Make a mental note of the weight you feel in yer hands . Now sit up straight(Everyone slouches in a relaxed position) and arch yer back pushing yer gut slightly towards the table....
now yer feeling the weight come of yer hands .
You also need to squeeze the tank just slightly with yer knees , that will also help . Be up on the balls of yer feet,not yer midsole or heels . Try not to grip the bars so much as just lay yer hands across them .
I garantee these types of things will help . Ride yer way tomorrow . The next day ride my way . You'll come home refreshed , no hand pain , you'll ride better,faster,you'll be more alert...blah blah blah...

hav a good 1........RSD.
The man was looking for help, not discouragement. People get emotional when dealing with their bikes, me included. Sorry, but when people offer opionions then people should be prepared for the follow up. Peace

BTW, as it turns out (from reading other threads), the man has had some back surgery done.

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Its no big thing guys... I just ignored that post and moved on to the ones that did help...

Good info. RSD... I will try some of your adivce, although I really do like the new windscreen. Good to know about the rebound effect when you hit a bump because I am really really short on line. I can lock the bars all the way to the left and right, but I am not sure I have enough room for the big bounce...

I am just going to order new brake lines for the front and have them made a little longer... Once I get them in and installed, I would be willing to part with my old one if someone is looking for steel breaded brake lines for the front. Naturally since I have spent some cash on mods this month, it will probably be another month before I can do this upgrade...