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My Hindle 4-2-1 runs fine, but when cranked open, it sounds almost like there's lose change in there, or something. I have the pairvalve removed, and blocked, it's been mapped. I'm wondering will/could re-packing it fix this problem ?

Thanks for ANY help !!


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the exh can is a shell...perf tube and material inside the it something similar to steel wool or high temp fiber pillow...they do burn up and get loud and you may notice a hp / back pressure drop...if you can take the can off the bike and shake it...that may give you an idea if some part broke off in there...other than that repacking the can is a simple process...unscrew / drill out the fasteners...rewrap it and put new fasteners in it...or send it back to the manufacture and they will repack it.


How many miles since the last repacking, or since the exhaust was installed if no repacking was done? If it's more than 15-20k miles, you may need repacking. Also make sure none of the bolts are loose - I am referring to the bolts on the outside holding the front and rear caps. Also, check to see if the holding bracket got loose by any chance.


Someone may have needed a spot to put their spare pennies. Seen it before.
Nothing would surprise me anymore about what people do. I don't like the sound it makes at low RPM, but LOVE the growl it has above like 7k rpm. Now, the big blue flame that shoots out whenever I chop the throttle too fast sucks !! Don't know why it does that with the pair-valve removed ??
Yeah, I agree with whoever said take the cans off and shake them. And just move towards the header. Far as the flame that's generally a tuning issue right?
I just modified mine and a friends today, here are the results. About a two hour job if you take your time. I was going for better looks and more sounds on both of these.




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