Re: Busa 06 LE Pearl White RS fairing is bubbling/peeling

Hi Guys,

Looking for some help here. I am a new board member as I recently bought a 06 Busa LE (Pearl White). I have been searching the boards for a right side OEM fairing and even eBay with no such luck (mine is slightly bubbling; very small area but its irritating me) ...

Well, took pics today .... and don't think its worth shelling out >$400 for a new fairing ... but doesn't seem like this will be repairable ... grrrrrrr ... should have bargained a lot more knowing how much this stuff costs .... any ideas on how or if this can be fixed:

Thanks in advance.



seems to me the problem is your header is heating up your plastic and making your paint bubble. could by a new fairing and put something to block the heat on it.

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