Rcc's new ultra 1000 plenum!

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    This is the new air to water plenum from Richard at RCC, the new ULTRA 1000. This one pictured is for any Gen 1, and uses a secondary rail with injectors. With these, you can now take your turbo to 20 POUNDS OF BOOST ON PUMP FUEL . . .

    For most setups, that would be equivalent to about 400 rwhp!

    POWERHOUSE MOTORCYCLES is offering these as an upgrade to existing turbo kits, and it also comes without injector tunnels for you Gen 2 boys and girls.

    They now also come standard on all Ultra and Super Ultra turbo systems from RCC . . .

    The Gen 1 Version, with the secondary injector bosses and billet fuel rail is $3400. If you already have an RCC Stage Two turbo system, just ask for this plenum without the rail, and it will be $3200.

    For Gen 2s, this plenum comes without injector bosses for $3000.


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