Rcc stage 2 for gen 2

Kevin Jones

I didnt know Michael had a DME build. If they say go whatever RPM, id say you are ok with that. I didnt go over 65lb valve springs on mine so I prefer to keep the torque curve starting early and try and keep it in the groove, id give away a little off the top to have some more in the mid. Thats just my philosophy and what my budget can afford. Looks like mine was at 135kpa at 5500, 31 deg timing, and peaked at 10.5k 207kpa with 27.2 degrees timing (the tuner is was making me be very conservative on pump) on that one pull

Kevin Jones

I didn't listen before when everyone told me to get an MTC gen 2 and instead went with something else. The tech support was well, difficult and I couldn't get it to do the same thing every time until I cooked a pack on a pass and the fibers clogged the pickup and cost me a lot. Set me back about a year maybe more. Going gen 2 this time.

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