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Here is a picture of me after I won at Phillips Island... just for your enjoyment...


Yeah, that was a LOT of fun!!! I got a very thorough tour of the track, announcer towers, pits, etc. That pic is of the winners podium. The 1/2 naked chicks were taking the picture!!!!!

Cool pic Doc...something about the water...got you there for free eh? Job perks..keeps you away from home so you can't ride..just more fun to ride when you get back home? Hope so.
Yep, got there for free. I stayed for a week after business was over to tour around. It was wonderful. I really would like to go back sometime. Yes, water in the desert is indeed a good business!!!!

I know i'm taking the hook on this one, but whhhhhhhhhhaaattttttt did you win?
Nope, just got a free trip to Melbourne for work. Took some extra time to tour the area. Of course an obligatory stop for me was the speedway. Great facility and great location (except for the rain). Some of the curves look like an overshot would result in a swim in the ocean... with the Great Whites...

Here are a few more pics....

that looks like a blast!
Last race I went to was CART in Portland.. way fun! I get free tickets, paddock passes, everything every year. Met Christian Fittipaldi this year. Held his $35000 sterring wheel in my hands... DONT DROP IT!! haha

Can't wait til Laguna, that is gonna be a blast!