Ramp A Mps Fast Fi ?


Is it possible to ramp a MPS fast FI Box on a dry shot ?
I have no experience with this ,but know some Promod cars do it this way running from rich to normal mixture as a kind of controller. But they go instantly rich and puls just nitrous to the mixture till end power is reached.

buddy of mine has a 1999 Busa for the track and wants with setup as:
older GEN1 no ECU flash , no Power commander
modified FMU with bigger pump
MPS fast FI installed and running well at 12.5 AFR with a 60HP shot at top end
NGK cr10 sparkplugs
no timing retard

now he got a controler and the idea is
instead of ramping two solenoids ,use the controler to ramp nitrous solenoid and MPS box instead of fuel solenoid
electrical is easy > just put the FI cable from the box to the controller
and the box will get impulses from it.
As the box ads just mass to the injectors they will raise with the ramping.

Anybody tryed this ?
Will the box hold the on-off effect or wil it break ?
There is no way to ramp a Fast FI box. Tell your friend to get a 2002 through 2007 Busa ECU and rotor, that wahy he can flash the ECU