Ram Stem Mount Installation for Cell phone or GPS

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Recently I purchased a new cell phone & wanted to use it on my bike as I like the navigation options my new phone has. After doing some research I chose to go with Ram products. I used a ram stem mount, 1 inch ball, 2 1/2 inch arm & Standard Heavy Mount. This video is my attempt at making a how to install video for anyone looking to install this item. It took me approximately 30 minutes to install this. All 4 components are Ram Products. There may come a point in which I switch to the X-Grip universal mount but I choose to go with this one for the time being. This was installed on a Hayabusa.


Ram Stem Mount Installation for Cell phone or GPS - YouTube[/url]
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I hope you have better look with the RAM Ball Stem mount than I did. I lost my ContourROAM camera because the ball portion just broke off while I was riding on the freeway. Come to find out that the Ball portion as well as that teardrop shaped metal that the ball mounts on is cast aluminum. I could see air bubbles in the cast where the ball broke off. RAM totally ignored my emails even though the mount was within the warranty period. I will never buy a RAM product again. In my experience the quality is questionable and the customer service and willingness to honor the warranty is non-existent.

Good video, though.
Nice video. That looks great. I have an S4 as well. Can you throw up a link to all the parts you bought to make that work?
I have been using nearly the same set up for years now, works great.